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Stomp out the ANTs
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Clinical Psychologist Melbourne
Sally-Anne McCormack is a Clinical Psychologist in Melbourne, Australia. Sally-Anne sees people with various mental illnesses (eg. depression, anxiety, OCD, stress, work issues, etc.), but is best known for her work as a child & adolescent psychologist.
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The Sally-Anne TV Show
Sally-Anne has also created a TV show which will inspire and educate people about all of the wonderful people in our world, even in the face of adversity.
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Sally-Anne McCormack

There is nothing either good or bad, but thinking makes it so - Shakespeare

Sally-Anne McCormack is a Clinical Psychologist and media commentator. She is a former teacher and author of two books - "Stomp Out The ANTs - Automatic Negative Thoughts" and "Living With ANTs", and she created a poster - "Which ANT Are You?" to help people learn strategies to deal with depression, anxiety and stress.

And now she is the director of the company, ANTSA Pty Ltd, and is the founder of ANTSA which is a tech platform that will revolutionise mental health practices around the world!  It is designed to help mental health practitioners to keep their clients engaged between sessions, monitor and measure how they are going in real-time, remind them of homework tasks which are digitalised to increase their engagement, and automates data collection.  For more information, visit 

She runs a successful psychology practice in Blackburn which is in the eastern suburbs of Melbourne, and also runs a practice at the seaside area of Hastings. Sally-Anne currently works with adults who are depressed, anxious, stressed and are facing various personal & professional issues. She also has specific interests in the prevention and treatment of depression and anxiety in children, adolescents and adults, and the unique difficulties that gifted students face in their schooling and day-to-day lives, and dealing with parents who are struggling with their children's and teen's behaviours and moods.

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