Sally-anne McCormack was recently quoted in a Brisbane Times article 'I didn't know we'd become like this': How sibling relationships are transforming', about how siblings are bonding during this unusual time.

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Psychologist Sally-Anne McCormack says some siblings are seeing their relationship evolve positively because being in isolation can make people more willing to listen, reflect and compromise.
"It's not helpful to start a fight when you know you can't escape," Ms McCormack says. "When you're having to deal with conflict and sibling rivalry, you're going to find strategies that work."
Ms McCormack also says shared experience is key to forming close bonds, and isolation provides that.
She says parents can help their children see the positives. "Compliment or comment on how the relationships are changing in the house," she suggests. "And after [lockdown ends] ensure there are regular opportunities for the family to be a single unit."