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About Sally-Anne

Sally-Anne McCormack, the Founder of ANTSA, is a Clinical Psychologist who aims to revolutionise mental health practices worldwide through her technology platform.  ANTSA is designed to help practitioners to digitise and automate their work with clients.

Besides being a clinical psychologist, Sally-Anne is a media commentator, a former teacher, and the author of two books - "Stomp Out The ANTs - Automatic Negative Thoughts" and "Living With ANTs".  She has also created a poster - "Which ANT Are You?" - to assist individuals in coping with depression, anxiety and stress.  

In addition to her professional achievements, Sally-Anne is a wife and mother who runs a successful psychology practice in Blackburn (in the eastern suburbs of Melbourne).  Due to her commitment to ADF members, she has opened a smaller practice at Hastings on the Peninsula.  Sally-Anne works primarily with adults suffering from depression, anxiety, and stress, as well as facing various personal and professional issues.  She also has specific interests in  preventing and treating  depression and anxiety in children, adolescents, and adults, as well as addressing the unique difficulties that gifted students face in their schooling and day-to-day lives, and dealing with parents who are struggling with their children's and teen's behaviours and moods.  

Sally-Anne continues to appear on a variety of TV shows (eg. Sunrise, The Morning Show, Studio 10, The Circle, The Project, A Current Affair, news programs, etc.) and is often interviewed for various print and radio media.  She also produced her own television program - "The Sally-Anne Show" - which aired on Foxtel's Aurora Channel.  

Sally-Anne has a commitment to the highest standards of professional practise which is demonstrated by her membership of the Australian Psychological Society (A.P.S.). In fact, she serves as an active member of the Private Practice Working Party Committee of the A.P.S. She is also a former committee member of the Victorian Association of Gifted & Talented Children (V.A.G.T.C.), and holds membership with Mensa.  In addition to her professional associations, Sally-Anne has had many years of involvement with the Hartwell Players (Melbourne's oldest performing community theatre company) which encourages the involvement of youth in theatre.
Sally-Anne offers professional counselling, skills training and assessments and she also offers group programs to educate children & adolescents in particular areas as required.