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Cognitive Assessments

Sally-Anne is passionate about working with giftedness.  She was a former committee member of the Victorian Association of Gifted and Talented Children (VAGTC), and was an advisor/mentor for Catholic schools across Melbourne.

In addition, cognitive assessments are required for Autism assessments, ADHD, and learning challenges, and Sally-Anne has had many years of experience when she was one of only two psychologists who were employed to assess students in 98 schools in the eastern region of Melbourne. 

Cognitive assessments are not just for children!  Adults may have unresolved questions about ADHD, Giftedness or general functioning and may therefore benefit from an assessment to gain some insight into their learning potential.

A cognitive assessment includes an intake session with the client, the actual assessment, scoring the data, statistical analysis, reading information, determining strategies, a printed report, and a final feedback session (up to 30 minutes) around 2 -3 weeks after the initial assessment.  If you have Private Health Insurance (with Extras), you can contact them to find out how much you will get back.  Or you may be able to claim it against your taxes – check with your accountant.