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Model: 4960
On-hand strategies and techniques for overcoming anxietyAnxiety is the most common mental health condition in Australia. The scope and varying triggers of the condition can make finding solutions for managing anxiety challenging.The Anxiety Solutions cards are designed to help people of al..
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Model: 6605
A national bestseller, Authentic Happiness launched the revolutionary new science of Positive Psychology--and sparked a coast-to-coast debate on the nature of real happiness.According to esteemed psychologist and bestselling author Martin Seligman, happiness is not the result of good genes..
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Cars 'R' Us
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Model: 4400
VRRHHMMM! Sqeeeealll! Putter, gurgle or DING!!! What kind of car are you today?! If you’ve never used Car ‘R’ Us then strap on your motoring goggles and make the acquaintance of these boisterous, quiet, shy, angry, happy and just plain goofy car characters, who provide rich metaphors what ..
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Model: PCSOA
43 x 56cm Laminated poster.Anxiety is the most common mental illness.Our new poster can help deal with the long term solutions to anxiety, by helping to visualise some of the most common symptoms, and ways to cope with them...
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Model: 4200
Anyone who spends time with young people can use Deep Speak to build rich conversations about some of life’s big questions… and some of the little quirky ones as well!This is an engaging and thought-provoking resource for educators, mental health workers, chaplains, youth workers and anyon..
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Depressed Poster
Model: PDWN
43 x 56cm Laminated poster.Depression affects people of all ages.The poster reminds us how neglecting our needs may develop into depression...
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Go Away Mr Worrythoughts by Nicky Johnston
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Model: 6060
Bayden is an intelligent, confident and courageous boy. Yet his worry thoughts can be quite unbearable. See how Bayden discovers his superpowers, takes control and is able to live free and happy! This simple story has been nicely written and illustrated to help encourage children like Bayden manage ..
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Model: PHAYF
43 x 60cm Laminated poster.The Mood Dudes (by Jim Borgman) show us a variety of expressions that we can identify with, which may help us to name some of the emotions we have been feeling today!..
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Inside Out - A Journalling Kit
Model: 3850
Simple, inspiring journaling techniques for personal and professional practice.Inside Out – A Journaling Kit is an inspiring resource that invites users to explore the time-honoured world of journaling.Journaling is a powerful therapeutic tool for distilling thoughts, connecting ideas and gaini..
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Model: 8004
Kids’ Skills is playful and practical approach to solving difficulties faced by children. At the heart of Kids’ Skills is one very significant notion—practically all problems can be seen as skills that need to be developed.Kids’ Skills does not blame children or parents for diffi..
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Model: 8005
Ever wanted to be a ‘fly on the wall’ in the consulting rooms of therapists and counsellors from around the world? Ever wondered how to harness children’s natural playfulness and enthusiasm? Ever wanted to celebrate with children as they become true ‘life skills’ superheroes in their families and cl..
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Model: 9780980686722
ANTs (Automatic Negative Thoughts) are annoying creatures that trouble everyone! Sally-Anne refers to the analogy of the ANTs – everyone gets them, they are hard to get rid of, and we often don’t notice them until there is a huge pile of black pests hiding all of the good things (thoughts) undernea..
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