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01 May Bushfires
Sally-Anne 0 41207
Australia periodically experiences extreme natural disasters.  Here in Melbourne I am seeing the effects of the bushfires that are tearing around Victoria.  It is a very scary time for us as adults so..
26 Apr Brisbane Times Article
Artful 0 10019
Sally-anne McCormack was recently quoted in a Brisbane Times article 'I didn't know we'd become like this': How sibling relationships are transforming', about how siblings are bonding during this unus..
14 Apr Toddler Tantrums
Sally-Anne 0 2599
Tantrums are part of a developmental phase that all toddlers go through to some degree. A tantrum may range from a cross face through to World War III in intensity and volume! Some may last for second..
23 Mar Toddler Tips
Sally-Anne 0 3444
NORMAL TODDLER BEHAVIOURThe hardest part about being a parent is not knowing whether your child is “normal” or not.  As a psychologist and having dealt with children as a parent, a teacher and in my c..
28 May Season 1 Episode 3 - Child Mental Health
Sally-Anne 0 4791
Sally-Anne McCormack (Clinical Psychologist) discusses the issues and concerns regarding childhood mental health. She speaks with Nick Bracks (Headspace ambassador), Rosetta (a secondary school teache..
28 May 2GB - Ben Fordham Interview - Rising Immaturity in Aussie Teens
Sally-Anne 0 2984
Sally-Anne McCormack (Clinical Psychologist) has a conversation with Ben Fordham.  Please download the podcast from the 2GB website.Rising Immaturity in Aussie Teens - 2GB Radio..
28 May Why getting mental health help via telehealth has proven successful for many
Sally-Anne 0 3575
Sally-Anne McCormack chatted to Carol Rääbus regarding the benefits of using Telehealth particularly during these difficult COVID-19 times. Seeing a psychologist via Telehealth - Covid 19..
27 Apr Season 1 Episode 2 - Depression
Sally-Anne 0 2163
Sally-Anne McCormack (Clinical Psychologist) speaks about DEPRESSION with Georgie Harman (CEO of Beyond Blue) and Wayne Schwass (former AFL football legend). ..
03 Apr Season 1 Episode 1 - Parenting
Sally-Anne 0 2241
Sally-Anne McCormack (Clinical Psychologist) meets a family with 6 children, speaks to various parents and experts, and talks about some of the challenges with parenting...
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