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Model: 6053
A young seal is upset when his uncle starts touching his body in private places, until he finds the courage to tell Wise Whale. A story about sexual abuse told in a way that is gentle, magical and and uplifting. It is designed to encourage open communication within families. Comes with a dramat..
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Model: 4800
The right question at the right time can stop your negative thoughts in their tracks and set you free. Written by consulting psychologist and clinical nutritionist Selina Byrne M.A.P.S., these 30 cards create powerful windows into change by asking questions about goals, possibilities and strategies...
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Model: 4700
A set of 34 stunning, full-colour cards for anyone who works with youth. Reflexions provides the right visual edge for adolescents, right now. Using key words and montages of photographs and fonts, these cards will continue to lead the way in encouraging young people to talk about feelings..
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Model: 6052
Sometimes people do bad things. And sometimes people try to hide these bad things by creating secrets, Some secrets are bad.Rosy and Jack are a sister and brother who have had bad things done to them. They were touched by someone in ways they didn’t like and told to keep it a secret. Rosy and Jack d..
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Model: 6058
We celebrate birth, and we fear death—yet anyone who has been present at both great mysteries will know the quality of awe is exactly the same.What do we really know about dying? These days, few of us have firsthand contact with the astonishing moment of death. Most of our understanding comes from f..
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Model: 8011
'Some Secrets Should Never Be Kept' is a beautifully illustrated children's picture book that sensitively broaches the subject of keeping children safe from inappropriate touch. We teach water and road safety, but how do we teach Body Safety to young children in a way that is neither frightening nor..
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Stomp Out The ANTs (Automatic Negative Thoughts)
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Model: 9780980686708
Everyone gets ANTs (Automatic Negative Thoughts). They are annoying and can be hard to get rid of. Inside this book are strategies to spot the ANTs and how to deal with them! If you have ever been anxious, depressed, or had any negative thoughts, then you need to learn how to STOMP out the ANTs! Thi..
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Model: 4010
Remember picking up a stone or pebble because there was just something about it? Well, here’s a whole quarry of quirky, engaging, happy, sad, afraid, shy, joyful and just plain outrageous ‘stone’ characters, specially created for building a feelings vocabulary!Describing feelings is at the..
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Model: 0400
Strength Cards for Kids has a simple message: all children deserve to be recognised and celebrated for their strengths. Strengths help children learn, grow and become the best they can be. Children thrive with encouragement; they blossom when their strengths and efforts are noticed.Now in its t..
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Model: 0100
For many people the Strength Cards® have been life-changing, which is why the cards are used by thousands of family workers, teachers, counsellors, trainers and parents worldwide.The Strength Cards® are used for a whole range of purposes that include helping people identify their..
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Model: 0200
We live our lives in the company of our feelings and emotions. And yet it can be very hard to talk about them.Beloved by teachers, counsellors, parents and human service workers of every discipline, The Bears is a simple yet powerful resource for identifying, talking about and reflect..
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Model: 6054
A proven program to safeguard children against depression and build lifelong resilience.In The Optimistic Child, Dr. Martin Seligman offers parents, teachers, and coaches a well-validated program to prevent depression in children. In a thirty-year study, Seligman and his colleagues discovered t..
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