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The Australian Psychological Society currently recommends a standard hourly fee of $246.

Sally-Anne charges less than the recommended fee to ensure that it is affordable to those in need. 

Health Care Card holders / Pensioners may receive a reduced fee when they pay at the time of consultation upon presentation of their card.

Those who have private health insurance may be able to claim a rebate through their fund - please contact your insurer prior to your first session for more specific information.

You may claim a Medicare rebate of $124.50 for psychological services

if you have an appropriate referral from your doctor  ***   

Please read HERE to find out which conditions may meet the criteria for a Medicare "Mental Health Care Plan".


CURRENT FEES (at 18/09/2017):


Standard Consultation  (for 50+ minutes)   $220 @ Blackburn     ($180 @ Cowes)

Concession  (for 50+ minutes)    $175 @ Blackburn     ($155 @ Cowes)

Couples  (for 50+ minutes)    $250

Group Sessions  (3 or more individuals)    $95 each

Telephone / Skype Consultation  (for 50+ minutes)   $220

Cognitive Assessment     $750   (includes intake, assessment, comprehensive report, and feedback session)

Speaking Engagements / Presentations    (contact us with your request)

  **Travel incurs an extra fee - $1 per kilometre of travel to and from Blackburn which includes petrol costs and time taken.  Please discuss this with the psychologist at the time of booking**  

'You are today where your thoughts have brought you; you will be tomorrow where your thoughts take you'   - James Allen -

Most people attend up to 6 sessions with the option of a further 4 sessions in a calendar year, but the amount of therapy will depend on the issues and the needs of the client.

Payment is required at the conclusion of each consultation. Payment can be made by cashchequeCredit / EFTPOS or Direct Deposit

If you need to change or cancel an appointment, it is essential that you give at least 24 hours notice.  On these occasions, it is unlikely that this appointment will be filled which results in a loss of income for our practice, and it also means that other clients who needed this appointment time have also missed out.  We therefore have a strict policy that you pay for the non-attended session (+G.S.T.). If less than 48 hours notice is given, then $100 (+G.S.T.) may be charged.  Please note that there is no Medicare rebate available for cancelled/missed appointments.

For workshops or presentations, at least one week's notice is required if it is necessary to cancel (again, fees may apply).

'It is the power of thought that gives man power over nature' - Hans Christian Anderson -