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The Sally-Anne Show

The Sally-Anne Show

Clinical Psychologist Sally-Anne McCormack has created a unique Australian TV program which is meant to INFORM, EDUCATE and INSPIRE people everywhere!



1.      How long are the sessions?

A session is scheduled for 50+ minutes. 

2.      What happens in the first session?

The psychologist invites you in to the office and will try to make you feel comfortable.  This first session is generally an information-gathering session where the psychologist listens to your story and begins to understand what brings you to this point in your life.

After this session, you may be given some type of “homework” task to help you to start “skill-building” – either to become more aware of yourself, or to begin doing some exercises to help improve your mood.

Child appointments – At the beginning of the first session, the parent(s) brings the child into the room.  We chat about the issues (sometimes asking the child to leave the room for a few minutes) and then the parent is asked to leave so the child spends time alone with the psychologist.

At 20 minutes before the next hour, the parent comes back into the room (or if the child is 14 years or older, the parent ensures that they are outside the room ready to be invited back in), and the child is then asked to summarise what was discussed during the session (ie. the parent gets feedback at this point).

Many parents of young children may choose to make their own separate appointments to discuss their child or to get more information on their child’s specific condition.

3.      Do I need to see my G.P. before making an appointment?

In order to get a Medicare rebate, you must have a referral letter addressed to the psychologist from your doctor. 

However, if you do not want to register with Medicare, your private health insurer may provide rebates for these sessions, or you may choose to pay for the sessions yourself.

It is entirely up to you what you prefer to do.

4.      What do I need to bring with me?

If you have provided us with your email address, we will send you a form to fill in (which saves time during the first session).  For those who have a doctor’s referral, you must bring this to the first session.  In addition, please bring your Medicare card and payment (or proof of payment if you have Direct Deposited prior to the session).

5.      Do you see VOCAT, WorkCover, TAC and DVA clients?

Yes, you can ask your doctor to refer to us for these services.

* Please note that WorkCover sessions will need to be paid by the client at the end of each session, and your employer may rebate the money to you.

6.      How do I pay for the session?

You can either pay by by cashchequeCredit / EFTPOS or Direct Deposit

                                    Name of accountSally-Anne McCormack

                                    BankCommonwealth Bank of Australia

                                    BSB063-236     Account No1025 5613         

                                    DetailsPut CLIENT name in as the details

                                    Include Date of SESSION:   (eg.    P Smith 180416   )

7.      Do you do court reports?

No.  At this time we do not take on cases that are likely to end up in court.  We are a small practice and writing reports, appearing in court and liaising with lawyers takes a lot of time which prevents us from working with our other clients.


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